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金缶KIN-CAN is the GOLD standard of cat canned food.
Made with only the finest selection of MAGUROまぐろ.
Since 1987, KIN-CAN has been supported by many cat lovers for its fresh and Human grade quality.


A famous fish port, Yaizu port is located in Yaizu city, Shizuoka prefecture, approximately 200km west of Tokyo.
A large number of Tuna caught in waters off the central pacific ocean are unloaded in YAIZU Port.
This product is based on Real Tuna from only YAIZU port and Chicken fillet with jelly.
This human grade product gives you 100% satisfaction, and a pleasant time with your kitty!


Let your lovely cat be RELAXED with MiawMiaw.
All MiawMiaw products contain "a-i peptide", which is jointly developed by a professor of KITASATO University School and AIXIA.
"a-i peptide" means Anti + Inhibitory-factors. It is decomposed fresh fish protein by plant-derived enzymes.
Because Peptides are composed with around 2~20 amino acids jointed, they are tasty and able to increase palatability.
Moreover, they are easier to digest and absorb as compared to protein.


It's important to pay attention to your cat's diet and physical health so that your cat can live a long and healthy life.
Our Kenko-Can(Healthy Can) series has products that are suitable for cats of all ages and physical conditions.
Using kenko-can will surely benefit your cat's health.


Complete diet mixture of MAGURO(tuna) & KATSUO(skipjack tuna) dark meat(high DHA & bioavailable iron)
topped with white meat from MAGURO, this is a diet very rich in Vitamins & Minerals.
It is a Complete food


純JUN means pure, and YES! Using only fresh TUNA 100%.
Have you ever tasted this fresh canned food before?
This is the one of the best selling product in the market since 1993.